Wednesday, January 25, 2006


1/25/2006 Taiwan Explorer

Thank you for your interest in contacting me. In case of questions, proposals, comments or additional remarks, you can send them to me to this email address:

taiwanexplorer [at]

Please address me as Taiwan Explorer, and state clearly what you want. You can also contact me via Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, or follow me there:

Please keep in mind, that I have a busy life and I'm very short on time, so I might not be able to reply to you right away. If you're proposing something to me and I don't reply at all, this means I'm not interested and my answer is "No". In case you're upset with something I wrote, these rules apply. Generally, if you're nice and polite in your approach, I'll be likewise to you. I'm always interested to write for websites related to traveling in Taiwan or Taipei, but it depends from case to case, if I'm going to cooperate with someone. Please be sure to explain as much as possible in your first email, so that we avoid wasting time and miscommunication.

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