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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Learning Chinese

This page is an overview of all the posts I've written on learning Chinese language. My main focus is on phrases and vocabulary, but they acquire a certain level of foreknowledge. I'm using Standard Chinese or 國語 spoken in Taiwan and the original Chinese characters 繁體中文 together with my own version of pinyin.


My Chinese tones pronunciation guide | Example: xiào róng 笑容 smile


Introduce yourself | Example: What's your name?
Do you speak Chinese? | Example: What's that called in Chinese?
Thinking and thoughts | Example: I think Taipei is very interesting.
Adverbs of frequency | Example: I always drink coffee.
Small talk with me | Example: She's very beautiful...


Make the Chinese lady melt | Example: I love you. Do you love me?
Make the Chinese lady melt more | Example: I want to be with you forever.
15 most romantic phrases | Example: I think women with glasses are sexy.
Pick-up lines | Example: Wow. I've never seen a girl as beautiful as you.
Taking her out for dinner | Example: What would you like to order?
Going to the cinema | Example: What movie do you want to see?


Human emotions and moods | Examples: Angry, happy, bored...
Chinese new year | Examples: Happy new year, reunion dinner...


Why hanyu pinyin sucks
My pinyin table with corrections
To Westerners who want to abolish Chinese characters
How I started to write Learn Chinese posts
My difficulties when learning Chinese

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