Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Commenting rules

1/25/2005 Taiwan Explorer


This page is dedicated to the commenting on my blog and I want to make it clear what I am expecting from you. I have rules, because I believe that my posts, which often take a lot of my free time, deserve a decent discussion without spamming, trolling, and other distractions. Since people are not always decent, I had to set them up. If you break them, I will have to delete or not publish your comment. Nevertheless, don't be shy to passionately argue your points with me.


Here is a set of basic deletion rules on My Kafkaesque life blog:

• Spamming: Link to some idiotic website that promotes something.
• Double linking of the sort: follow me at mypatheticlife.blogspot.com.
• Trolling: Behave like an obsessive and immature person by writing garbage.
• Personal attacks against me, my family, friends or other commentators.
• Hate speech: Like racist remarks, general threats, calls for violence etc.
• Putting words in my mouth: If you claim I said/meant something, that isn't true.
• Repeating: If you keep repeating same or similar things in your replies.
• Offtopic comments: If you write something not related to the thread.
• Copy/paste comments: Copying same comment under various posts.
• Anonymous comments: In some cases may be deleted. I advise you to pick a handle.
• Complaining about the topics: Just don't read, if you don't like it.


Comments older than 7 days are moderated. That's mainly because of spam. Of course I approve all interesting comments on my older posts and always reply to them, so be sure to subscribe to follow-up comments.


Not everything I write is 100% fact-checked. The informative posts are and links to sources are provided. If I make a factual mistake, remind me by sending me an email, I will correct them, because I'm a perfectionist. But when I write my views and opinions on some issues, keep in mind they are merely my own subjective interpretations. If you disagree, debate me, I am always open to that and don't mind being criticized, but do it respectfully and focus on ideas, not the person. If my opinion makes your blood run high, I advise you to calm down: It's just my opinion. Even, if you prove that I was wrong on the internet, is it really worth wasting time to get all upset about it? After all, we don't know each other.


I blog for fun, I share my travel pics, my Taiwan experience and opinions. This blog is not all that I am, I don't share everything with you. You only see what I allow you to see. And I don't need to read how bad or wrong I am from some random anonymous dude. Nevertheless, happy commenting! :)

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