Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hyehwa, Seoul's fun district with theaters and pubs

Let me introduce you Seoul's district for young people at heart

Hyehwa [or 혜화 in Korean] is located in the north eastern part of central Seoul and has its own subway station (see map here). My hostel was located nearby, withing 10 min of walk. I went here every night and had something to eat. The food is really delicious here, but the prices may not be low. The people here mostly young, you can see many neatly dressed guys and some very hot girls. Maybe Hyehwa can be a place, where you would bring your girl on a first date? Who knows. It's definitely a very neat, clean and fun part of Seoul and there's something going on every day, be it theaters, pubs or restaurants. Open all the time. Enjoy some photos.

The wide road leading to Hyehwa.

Another view.

A pedestrian street with many shops and restaurants.

This hilarious bench can be seen in Hyehwa.

Koreans like to eat hawker food under the tents in Hyehwa. It was cold that night.

Many hawkers like this are located here as well.

I've tried this yummy food here. It was cheap. It's made of rice and a little spicy.

I also went to Hyehwa to try some Korean barbecue. More about it later.


  1. Hi, from Romania! I like very much your blog, where I arrived surfing the net for Asian subject blogs.Congratulations, it's a great blog!

    I am looking especially for information about Seoul, where I'm due to go next spring. There will be only 8 full days and I want to make the best of them. Your topics are full of useful information and the pictures are also offering interesting clues.

    I'm commenting intently on this special article, as I will stay in a hostel right here, in Hyehwa.

    Thank you, you are of great help :)

  2. @Traveling Hawk: Thank you for your compliments. And as far as I remember, you were already on my blog few days ago. Did you forget? You asked me about the palaces.

  3. I didn't :) But I did not say from where I am (we are kind of neighbours)and I didn't say where I will stay, which happens to be the same district as yours. Hyehwa is the metro station where I am supposed to go coming from the airport.

  4. @Traveling Hawk: Oh, I know you're from Romania. I knew that when you came the first time, I have good trackers ;) Hyehwa is really cool. I was near there actually, just one subway station after.