Monday, July 19, 2010

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Chen San Ding 陳三鼎

One of my favorite beverages in Taipei is a very interesting drink consisting of fresh milk and tapioca pearls. The shop that's selling them is called Chen San Ding or 陳三鼎黑糖粉圓專賣店 in Chinese (literally Chen San Ding Black Sugar Tapioca Specialty Store) and their drink is called 青蛙撞奶 (Qīng wā zhuàng nǎi) or translated as Frogs hit in milk. They're using black sugar, real milk and tapioca pearls to make this refreshing drink. Although it looks like one, it's not bubble tea, because it doesn't contain any tea - it's a kind of a bubble tea spin-off, though. Their price is a bit higher, but the drink is so much tastier, so it's totally worth it. Basically they invented this drink after the initial bubble tea craze and a lot of other stalls have copied it. But theirs is simply the best in Taiwan according to word on the street.

I heart milk, too. And the cute little cow as well.

That's one of my favorite beverage shops in Taipei: Frogs hit in milk!

Chen San Ding in the evening is always full of people, so it must be good.

The shop is located in the southern part of Taipei near the National Taiwan University. You have go to the Gongguan MRT station, it's about 5 min away from there.

English name: Chen San Ding Black Sugar Tapioca Specialty Store
Chinese name: 陳三鼎黑糖粉圓專賣店
Romanization: Chén Sān Dǐng hēitáng fěnyüén zhuānmài dièn
Address: 台北市中正區羅斯福路三段316巷8弄口
Phone number: (02) 23 67 77 81 ‎
Opening hours: 11.00 - 22.30
Money per person: 30 NT$
Find location: Google maps

What's your favorite beverage in Taipei?

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  1. this is the first time that i've heard of it.
    so i guess i don't have any choices/bias :P

  2. ihihihihi your girlfriend had to tell you that it makes fat? :-DDDD Men.............

  3. i like to drink bubble tea. not 'love' it, but like it.

    i usually order something like jasmine green tea. and i like the taste of having lots of pearls in my mouth ahahha.

  4. @Amogh: I am sure you'd drink so much bubble tea, you would burst. I'd love to go drinking around Taipei with you, I drink booze, you drink bubble tea. Deal? :P

    @Daisy: Girlfriends... you gotta love them :P

    @Ejann: Ah, you little pearl-o-holic! :P

  5. i LOVE bubble tea :)
    i've introduced some of my best friends to bubble tea and ex bfs
    (ex bf 3, mef my bff, brandi my roommate, my little (u can see a picture of her first one here, hillary a high school friend, list goes on and on :)

  6. @Linda: Haha.. cool. One day I'd like to share some in Taipei with you, in case you travel to Taiwan :)

  7. Is bubble tea different from Nai Cha? I'm kinda addicted to it. :)

  8. Ah! I TOTALLY agree! 陳三鼎 is hands-down the best. I've only actually been there once because it's a little out the way for me, but it was fresh, cheap, and definitely tastier than the powdered milk stuff (which is, still, quite tasty).

    Love the post btw; I've been meaning to do something similar by breaking down the ordering different options. My bf back in the US thought he was the king of everything-there-is-to-know-about-bubble-tea (he was the first to introduce me to it), but then he came to Taiwan to visit me and was totally thrown off by all the weird things they kept asking him: "sugar percent? ice amount? medium or large?" Haha. It was funny to watch.
    My favorite is 少冰甜度無糖. I'm not a fan of the overly sweet stuff.

  9. @Gnetch: Nai cha means milk tea. The difference is, there are no tapioca pearls at the bottom :)

    @crackingtheegg: Glad we have similar taste :) I like sweet things, though :) When it comes to food in Taiwan, there are always so many options and versions. I love that :)

  10. Yum. Bubble tea is good, I think it's best with real milk as well...I prefer Coconut jelly over tapioca balls though.

  11. @Becks: Never tried coconut jelly, must be yummy. I had a kind of a vanilla pudding inside, was pretty good, too.

  12. i get my fix at cafe de hong kong in london's chinatown but i would love to taste the real thing 1 day!

  13. @Kit: One day, when you happen to be flying around East Asia, I'll make you drop by at Taipei and will treat you the original bubble tea :)

  14. I lived in Taipei 3 years ago and this place definetely has THE BEST BUBBLE TEA EVER!!! :) I'm going back in October and praying it's still there... Thanks for posting this!

  15. @Sarah: It's still there, haha.. Don't worry :P

  16. Can anyone have Chen San ding email?

  17. @Anonymous: I don't have their email.