Monday, August 30, 2010


Amazing: Taiwanese flooded my blog

When I got the idea for my Visit Taipei post in May, I did not expect that it could really become a popular post. I mean, I blogged so much about Taiwan and I guess my followers got tired of it. But anyway, I wanted to write a comprehensive post on Taipei and ask my girlfriend to translate it to Chinese. My girlfriend and I were joking, that I may become a celebrity in Taiwan, when I just posted the post and linked on Twitter and Facebook. But few days my traffic was normal, only few comments under the post. I thought: Ok, it probably won't be anything special...

...but then few days later I woke up and saw this:

282 people on my blog at the same time!

I checked my Feedjit tracker and saw people (mostly from Taiwan) come to my blog by the second. I got goose bumps. What's going on was my first thought. I tweeted so many questions and finally a Taiwanese follower told me: A Taiwanese celebrity linked to your blog post and linked to his Facebook fanpage.

I was like: Wooooooow! Crazy... Unbelievable!

The man, who linked to me was Hou Wenyong (侯文詠), a Taiwanese bestseller author, who's popular works were even made into TV dramas (like The Hospital, 2007). He linked to me on his Facebook Fanpage and in few days I recieved over 800 likes and over 50 comments there and also around 50 lovely comments on my blog. To remember this special day, I saved all the comments under that link on Facebook, because they were really so sweet.

Read all the comments (mostly Chinese) here>>

My ego skyrocketed, I couldn't believe how much people appreciated my hard work. The recognition I got from those Taiwanese readers was just beyond my expectations, I felt appreciated and humbled.

In one day I had over 6000 visits. But that was just a beginning. From that day on, my post went viral. I have no idea how many Taiwanese plurked, tweeted and linked my post on Facebook, but it seemed that my post appeared on so many places, I couldn't even track them anymore. And then 11 days later, someone linked my post on PTT. PTT Bulletin Board System is something like the most popular forum in Taiwan. It has over 1.5 million users and at peak hours, there can be 150.000 people online at the same time. But you can't access that forum without special software, it's not on www.

The two spikes, the first by Hou Wenyong and the second by PTT

The result of this spikes in traffic was my best month of all times. Never before I had so much people come to my blog and read my posts.

In August 2010 I had around 49.000 unique visits and 114.000 page views

My traffic has more than doubled in one month, from around 700 visits per day in July, I had on average 1600 visits a day in August. And people are still coming on my blog from various links, mostly reading my girlfriend's translation of my Visit Taipei post, but also some other posts related to Taiwan were linked and people are also coming to my blog from there.

7 of my top 8 posts in August are related to Taiwan

My Visit Taipei posts (Chinese and English version) were read around 21.000 times in August! That's just surreal to me and I don't think I will ever have more visits and a more popular post in the future... well, I've said something like that in July... and then came August. I guess everything's possible in blogging. But August 2010 will be one of my favorite months of all times, not only because of this incredible recognition, but also because a Taiwanese came to visit me: my lovely girlfriend. And that was the best visit of all times.

Thank you, Taiwanese. You made me very happy!


  1. Nice one sir, congratulations. Hurry up and become a celebrity and send me some of that traffic love hahaha.

  2. @FloatingCamera: Haha.. I won't become a celebrity, but I'm happy, if people like my posts and link to them :) Would love to link to you. Come to Taipei and take some great pics :)

  3. congrates! i need to materialise my taiwan trip then.

  4. Taiwanese have good taste! Congratulation MKL!

  5. Can your site handle heavy traffic? Because it seems to be on a major spam list somewhere…
    I'm only a little bit drunk, I'm sorry. Please don't judge.
    I'm looking for an expert in this field for some off-site work. Anyone interested?
    I'm a little slow, please don't remove my comments or I will get upset.

    Wife to sleeping spouse: "Wake up! Who the hell is Tina!!?"

  6. @Anonymous: I can handle heavy traffic! Bring it on. Yeah, judging from at least 10 spam comments a day, I must be on top of a spam list, but I don't care. One of my hobbies is to delete people like you. I'd love to see you upset, so come again, I'll delete you next time. For now, I'll let you be. You entertained me.