Friday, August 13, 2010

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Chang-Gu World Trade Center, Kaohsiung

Second tallest building in Kaohsiung

The Chang-Gu World Trade Center (Chinese 長谷世貿聯合國大樓, also known as Grand 50 Tower, because of the 50 floors) is with its 222m the 2nd tallest building in Kaohsiung (after Tuntex Sky Tower) and currently the 4th tallest building in Taiwan (after Taipei 101, Tuntex Sky Tower and Shin Kong Life Tower). In a couple of years it will be the 6th tallest, because the two planned skyscrapers in Taipei named "Gates of Taipei" will be surpass it. The skyscraper was built in 1992 and was for a brief moment (6 months long) the tallest building in Taiwan only to be topped by the Shin Kong Life Tower in 1993 (source).

I'll never forget this building, because my girlfriend and I were walking like lunatics for nearly 2 hours all across Kaohsiung, just because I wanted to see it. But we were given wrong directions and wandered around aimlessly. We were mad and tired, so when we finally found it, I wasn't in the mood to go close, I only took few photos from a distance. Next time I hope I'll go and see the building from close. It may not be my favorite skyscraper, but it's definitely one that I will remember.

Vespi Tower (149m), Chang-Gu World Trade Center (222m), Tuntex Sky Tower (378m).

The Chang-Gu World Trade Center and Tuntex Sky Tower are the two landmark buildings of Kaohsiung and they're seen from very far away, because they literally stand out. I really hope to see Kaohsiung again, the city is very interesting.


  1. they tend to look like pagodas most of the buildings there... well kindaoff

  2. so... still skyscrapers, is it? Are you going to try to make me forget about my fear of height? ;-)

  3. @Lily: Yeah, Chinese love pagoda-like skyscrapers :)

    @Daisy: Haha.. yeah.. I have a plan to blog about all skyscrapers I saw during my trips. Wait till I start to blog about Hong Kong, there will be like 30 of them :P

    Sorry, I think I can't help to cure your fear. But I can always give you some virtual hugs :)

  4. OK! Then virtual hugs will do for a bit... ;-)