Friday, September 17, 2010

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Doberdò/Doberdob, Italy

A Slovenian village in Italy

Doberdò del Lago (Slovenian Doberdob) is a small village in Italy between Monfalcone (Tržič) and Gorizia (Gorica). Although in Italy, the vast majority is Slovenian, who lived here for centuries. Everything is bilingual here, from street names to kindergartens and schools, even the current mayor is a Slovenian. The name Doberdob originates from Slovenian "Dober dob", which means "Good oak". The village became famous, because of one of the bloodiest battles during WWI. In August 1916 Italian forces defeated the Austro-Hungarian army, where many Slovenian soldiers died. In consequence, Italy gained control of Doberdob (which was completely destroyed) and Gorizia, but couldn't conquer Trieste. A very strong fascist Italianization of the village made the life of the Slovenians miserable. There is a popular saying in Slovenia: "Doberdob, Slovenskih fantov grob." ("Doberdob, the grave of Slovenian boys").

Doberdò/Doberdob today: A peaceful and cute little village.

The parish church looks lovely. It's the landmark of the village.

The parish church closeup.

Is this a condom machine? I'm not sure O.o

There's also a lake near Doberdò, but we haven't seen it, because we drove off to Gorizia pretty fast. Our next stop was Opatje selo, a small village on the other side of the border: In my home country Slovenia.

The road to Gorizia :Before [Slovenia Tour 2010] Next: Opatje selo>>

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  1. I have never heard of it!!! I definitely should learn a bit more about my own country!

  2. @Daisy: How could you hear about it?? This village is tiny. And Italy is so huge, hehe. We know it, cuz Slovenian minority lives here and it's near the border.