Sunday, November 14, 2010


My 2010 Kaohsiung tour

11/14/2010 Taiwan Explorer
Come and see Kaohsiung through my eyes

As many of you already know, I love Taipei. But I also love Taiwan's second biggest city Kaohsiung. And in 2010 I had a chance to finally visit it, which was one of the best trips of the whole year. I was really lucky to have a real Taiwanese guide, who happened to be my dear girlfriend Lily. Kaohsiung MapShe really did a good job walking around the big city with me, taking photos and helping us to have a smooth communication with the locals. We really had a great time and if you want to learn how Kaohsiung looks like, read my posts and when you scroll down to the end, you'll see:

Just keep clicking on the links at the bottom of every post and you will see Kaohsiung through my eyes. Maybe my posts can be useful to you, if you plan to visit the city in the future. For more info go to my KAOHSIUNG page. And click on the small map above to see where we went and where the famous spots are.

These posts are part of my Kaohsiung 2010 tour:

Introduction of Kaohsiung
Zhongshan road
Tuntex Sky Tower
From Tuntex to Love River
Love River
Museum of History
Take a ride with the KMRT
THSR Tsoying station
Lotus lake, Tsoying
Old Fengshan city North Gate
Another side of Kaohsiung
Chang-Gu World Trade Center
At the tracks

I hope you enjoyed touring Kaohsiung city with me. See also my TAIWAN page for more.