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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ah Gei 阿給, Danshui's famous food

The most famous dish in Danshui

Ah Gei 阿給 (pronounced āh gěi) is probably the most famous dish in Danshui and very typical for the town. Every blogger will say you have to try it. And I have to say I am also one of them. When I first saw this unusual dish, I was a bit surprised, because I didn't know what to make of it. »What is it«, I asked my girlfriend. She said it's fried tofu stuffed with glass noodles in a spicy sauce. I was like »Really? Is that so? Interesting.« And then I dug in with my chopsticks and slowly explored the consistence of the tofu. I had to pierce through it very carefully (like a surgeon) just to see the magnificent strings of the cellophane noodles popping up, looking at me and begging me to slurp them down. I did so repeatedly and I have to say the taste wasn't bad at first. Well, it didn't blow me away immediately, but then I became smart. I started to mix the tofu with the noodles, added the spicy sauce and I was almost instantly elevated to heaven. I think it's the spicy sauce that makes this dish so good. It's really more spicy than the usual Taiwanese food. It reminded me of Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine. So in case you happen to wander around Danshui, go and try a bowl of ah gei, I'm sure you'll like it, if not love it.

Can you see those crystal noodles wanting to escape the tofu prison?

Oh yeah, they were free for few seconds, until I stuffed myself (*evil laugh).

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I'm so hungry and that looks delicious. I wish you could eat pictures. :P

@Becks: Haha.. that's a good one ;)

The name is indeed quite special and easy to remember. I would like to try this! The combination of these 3 must be very tasty, especially the glass noodles. I think the fried tofu is quite juicy too because it absorbs the sauce, yes?

O my gosh, looks so yummy. I had never try that. I had visited Danshui couple time when I was a kid. My great grand mom live there. I ususally stop by to say Happy New Year when I was little. You always joggle my memory up.

@Stefanie: Yes, indeed. I think Malaysians would like it, the taste is pretty good.

@Sarah: Maybe you can try next time. Glad to bring some memories back to you.

Looks good.
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

@The Girlie blog: No problem.

Regarding the spicy sauce, they have 4 kinds of sauce you can add in, the one I ordered is the less spicy, they have middle spicy and more spicy. For those who can't eat spicy, they have normal sauce without spicy. Next time maybe you can try the middle spicy. And the correct way to eat Ah-gei is mix with the sauce. :-)

Lily, thank you so much. I didn't know they have more sauces. Pretty cool, next time I need to try different ones <3

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