Monday, December 13, 2010

Sex in the U-Bahn in Vienna, Austria

The sex video, that everyone wants to see today

Today my girlfriend linked to me a video of a couple having sex in Vienna's subway (or metro) called U-Bahn. It's amazing, a couple had real sex in front of people. I'm sure it's not fake, judging by the reactions of the spectators, who cheered the guy on by saying "Fick sie!" (literally "F**k her!"). Seriously, do you really have to do that in the subway? Were they drunk? Was it staged? Or were they just two ignorant people thinking screw everybody? Well, we'll never know... I've been to Vienna this year and took the U-bahn many times, but I have never seen anything like that. Sure, there are a plenty of weird Viennese riding the subway, but maybe they're drunk or loud, but having sex so openly, that is a first timer.

Wanna see the Vienna subway sex video? Go to:

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  1. Class....some people don't have it

  2. i had to lol when the guy pulled up his hoodie. dude, maybe u should've thought abt that maybe *before* pulling ur pants down? o_0

  3. OMFG!!! How can people be so shameless??

  4. They just couldn't hold their passion anymore? =p

  5. @Kit: Haha.. yeah. That surely helped :P

    @Gnetch: Oh, they can be.

    @Shingo: Passion? Hahaha... no comment on that :P