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My TAG Heuer Link Day-Date Calibre 5 Long-term Review

My review of one of TAG Heuer's finest watch through time

This post is intended to review my watch through time, to share my experience of wearing it, tell more about how reliable are the functions, which things surprised me, which disappointed me and much much more. I'm not sure, how long I will be updating about this way, but especially in the beginning I will definitely do it a lot and I hope that future owners can take this as a valuable reference. Please come and check out this post in the near future, as I may add some more interesting observations.

Before you read on, please check my review and photos of the watch here>>

The Calibre 5 movement is one of the watche's strongest points.

What TAG Heuer says about their quality

TAG Heuer says on their website: The high level of TAG Heuer quality is fouded on the rigourous choice and continous monitoring of all its suppliers and their products. Throughout the manufacturing process, each component is subjected to numerous tests and controls designed to verify how carefully it has been made.

I will certainly pay attention to every small thing in order to give you the best long-term review of this watch. I hope to help those, who are interested in acquiring one of TAG Heuer's high-end automatic watches, because most of the materials and movements are used across various series, so this could be useful to people, who are not only interested in Links.

1. After the first few days: Solid materials

I have to say, that I have no complaints what so ever. The watch runs with no problems and is very accurate. Maybe she's few seconds too fast, but very few, if you ask me. I'm wearing her to work every day and these days it's very rainy in Taipei, it constantly rains on the sapphire crystal, but that doesn't harm the watch in any way. And have to admit, I knocked with the watch few times at something like the edge of a desk or door, usually on the crystal, but no scratch at all. I know I need to be more careful, but sometimes the S-Link bracelet feels so natural, it's as if I'm not wearing the watch at all. So far the materials have passed the first test, but this doesn't mean anything. I fear that in a year I might have quite more things to criticize, but maybe that's just my expectation, because I've never owned anything as precious as this watch.

2. After the first week: My recklessness

A week is over and I can say that the watch is as awesome as when I first saw her. It is now obvious, that the watch gained some speed, it's 22 seconds faster than 7 days ago, when I bought her. That means it's only +3.14 seconds per day, which is a great result. The dealer told me that 6-10 seconds per day is normal (or 5 mins per month). So far it's better than I've expected and I hope she keeps running that well in the near future. However, something happened, that made me a little sad. The S-Link bracelet got a little scratched (see photo below). These scratches are hard to see, but they are there, most of them around the clasp. I tell you the reason: I work in an office, mostly behind computer, typing with both hands and probably rubbing my left wrist on the laptop or the desktop without knowing it. I need to be more careful, maybe I will put a small soft cushion under my left hand or take the watch off during typing. If you plan to buy watch soon, please keep this in mind and don't make the same mistake as me.

The unfortunate small scratch on my S-Link bracelet.

3. After three weeks: Is it travel proof?

I'm soon going on a trip, that involves flying to a different continent and driving through different countries in a very cold climate. Once I'm back, I will report, how she took it. I hope she will take it well.

In addition, please watch a video of my Link Day-Date, I made for you:

Video of my Link Day-Date: Visual impressions.

[My SWISS WATCHES page][All photos by MKL, 2011, except one by TAG Heuer]
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  1. wahh! Congratus Nino! That was one awesome watch! The video is supered! I can feel your love for the watch.

    When I first got my most expensive watch (in my life) the Tissot I was like seriously careful with it.

    every little scratches feel so painful. every knock every bum make me feels like I have a handicap hand.

    Now coming to 3 years - lot of scratches

    I still love my watch and the good thing about my watch is that it still look brand new from a far - you can see the scratches on the watch from 30 cm away - I love the materials - super fine! I love the glasses! the sapphire crystal is so shinning.

    enjoy your new gf Nino :) you deserved it.